CISL Visualization Gallery

Modelling The Indonesian Throughflow

Rising ocean temperatures have given rise to coral bleaching events at higher rates than have been seen in observed history. Researchers at the National Center for Atmospheric Research are studying how effectively coral reef ecosystems can repopulate each other after bleaching events through a metric called Potential Connectivity. In this visualization, we observe a state…

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Wind Speed

This visualization shows the magnitude of the wind speed over the course of one year from atmosphere-only simulations of the high resolution (horizontal 1/4 degree) Community Earth System Model simulating the present day climate.   Movies Movie File (.mp4, 1920×1080, 588MB) Images Science Credits Susan Bates and Nan Rosenbloom Computational Resources This research used resources…

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Planetary Water Vapor

This visualization shows hourly time steps of CESM1 total column integrated water vapor (TMQ) for one year. The value of TMQ at each point determines the amount of 3D surface displacement. Higher values of TMQ have a larger displacement, helping to visually identify regions with the most significant temporal changes in water vapor. Movies Quicktime…

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CESM Decadal Prediction Large Ensemble

Forecasting decadal trends in the North Atlantic and Arctic Decadal climate predictions exhibit skill in retrospective predictions of observed multi-year trends in sea surface temperature (SST) and sea ice fraction in the high latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, particularly in the Atlantic sector. The skill is largely attributable to realistic ocean initialization, but external radiative…

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Hurricane Odile

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  Hurricane Odile swept across the Baja California Peninsula in September 2014 leaving behind widespread damage, flooding, and power outages. It reached category 4 intensity before weakening as it tracked across the length of the peninsula. This visualization is a 15-minute Hurricane Weather Research Forecast (HWRF) simulation (1251x1251x61) of Hurricane Odile shortly after it made…

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