CISL Visualization Gallery

Yarnell Hill Fire

Ignition: 6/28/13 near Yarnell, Arizona Movies Images Science Credits Principle Investigator: Janice Cohen (NCAR) Collaborator: Wilfrid Schroeder (Univ. of Maryland) Visualization Software VAPOR  

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King Fire 2014

The King Fire was ignited on 9/13/14 in the Eldorado National Forest northeast of Pollock Pines, CA, where pine plantations lie between steep canyons. Eventhough fuel conditions were dry, environmental winds recorded at nearby weather stations were weak, thus rapid fire growth was not expected. On the 17th, the north-spreading fire reached the Rubicon canyon…

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Transition from umbra to penumbra shows changes in magnetic field. The interface between a sunspot’s umbra (dark center) and penumbra (lighter outer region) shows a complex structure with narrow, almost horizontal (lighter to white) filaments embedded in a background having a more vertical (darker to black) magnetic field. Farther out, extended patches of horizontal field…

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