CISL Visualization Gallery

Weather Systems in a World without Land or Seasons

Aquaplanet simulations—as their name suggests—are idealized representations of Earth where the planet is covered entirely by water. The absence of continents, while unrealistic, provides a clean laboratory where weather systems can develop, evolve, and dissipate as they would do over Earth’s oceans. This kind of simulation is, therefore, useful for learning about the fundamental processes…

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Ocean Surface Boundary Layer Turbulence Under Hurricane Irene

Simulated ocean surface boundary layer turbulence under Hurricane Irene (~9:30 UTC, August 28, 2011) entrains cold bottom water that cools the sea surface and weakens the hurricane as it makes landfall on the New Jersey continental shelf.  Large-aspect-ratio coherent structures that modify the evolution of the mean sea-surface temperature are highlighted in a 2 km by 2…

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