Coalescing Droplets in Turbulence

Precipitation in warm clouds can be explained by coalescing water droplets. This coalescence can be accelerated by turbulent vortices within the cloud. In this visualization, we see how this turbulence drives the coalescence of large and small droplets.



Coalescing Droplets
Coalescing Droplets in Turbulence.

Science Credits

Melanie Li Sing How (Cornell), Lance Collins (Cornell)

Computational Modeling

Melanie Li Sing How (Cornell), simulated on NCAR’s Cheyenne Supercomputer

Computational Resources

This research was enabled by NCAR’s Computational and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL) compute and storage resources. This visualization shows a portion of a 7 million core hour set of simulations. Data stored on NCAR’s “glade” filesystem, and visualized on NCAR’s Casper visualization cluster.

Visualization and Post-production

Scott Pearse (NCAR), Matt Rehme (NCAR)

Data Source

Melanie Li Sing How (Cornell)

Visualization Software