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Radiative MHD Simulation of a Solar Active Region

Radiative MHD Simulation of a Solar Active Region from Flux Emergence to Coronal Mass Ejections. Movies Movie File (.mp4, 621MB, 1920×1080)  Images Computational Modeling Matthias Rempel (NCAR/HAO) Feng Chen (NCAR/HAO, University of Colorado/LASP) Visualization and Post-production John Clyne and Matt Rehme (NCAR/CISL) Acknowledgments This work was supported by the National Science Foundation and NCAR’s Advanced…

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Transition from umbra to penumbra shows changes in magnetic field. The interface between a sunspot’s umbra (dark center) and penumbra (lighter outer region) shows a complex structure with narrow, almost horizontal (lighter to white) filaments embedded in a background having a more vertical (darker to black) magnetic field. Farther out, extended patches of horizontal field…

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