CISL Visualization Gallery

Climate Change: Precipitation

This simulation shows a comparison between present day (1990) and future (2090) precipitable water in the Earth’s atmosphere using an RCP8.5 emissions scenario. Movies  Movie File (.mov, 1920×1080, 236MB) Images Science Credits This simulation was made possible because of the large number of individuals both from within NCAR and the many outside collaborators who have…

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Climate Change: Temperature Anomalies

A comparison between present and future (RCP8.5) surface temperature anomalies. A 3-day smoothing has been applied to the output to dampen day to day variability. Movies  Movie File (.mov, 118MB, 1920×1080) Images Computational Modeling Nan Rosenbloom and Gary Strand (NCAR/CGD) Visualization and Post-production Tim Scheitlin and Matt Rehme (NCAR/CISL) Model CESM Visualization Software NCAR Command…

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